Saturday, April 25, 2015

Story Development Process: A picture is worth...

Story Development Process:  A picture is worth…

As people who work with words writers often ignore the direct impact of images when developing their story.  Images are a great way to fix an idea in your mind.

A small camera is all you need to fix images while doing your research.  Just the way the notebook works to record details of conversation or body movements, the camera works to recall details of place.

When it comes to scene settings, images help with the detailed description of a room, a building, a street, a countryside.  Image searches and recording of research forays are especially helpful for historical settings when you travel and are unable to return easily.

Likewise, while you develop the background for each character getting a grasp on their motivations, history, tastes and preferences as well as their physical description an image can help as an aide memoir when you start writing your story.  A glance at the image brings back the details you wrote in the long exploration of the character.

You can search images online with through search engines to find the face or body, hair, etc. that is an attribute of your character.  Is your protagonist more like Roberto Saviano or Bruce Willis or your neighbor across the street?  You aren’t going to be publishing these images, they are for your use only, so copyright issues won’t develop.

I am surprised that the use of images in the story development process is not mentioned more often.

Zara Altair

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