Saturday, July 25, 2015

Author Interview

Tim Hammill on Writing Tails From The Park

Author +Tim Hammill talks about writing the voice of Max, the cat with Maxitude.

Writing in the voice of Max, Tim wrote a series of short, entertaining, adventure stories.

0:42 Tim Hammill introduction

1:35 How Max came to Tim to tell his stories.

8:27 How Tim and Zara met over a dark screenplay.

9:12 Smokey, the model for Max, makes a cameo appearance.

10:46 The cultural emotional tie to the music references in the story titles.

12:50 How Tim created adventure stories with a cat.

15:01 Concept behind the short length of the stories: read on lunch break, commuting, etc.

17:12 Mixing real life experience with fictional characters.

18:54 How Tim arrives at the end of each story.

21:05 Mixing real life and other sources to create a story.

22:37 A look at Max's voice and how he tells the story. Every trailer in the park has its own story.

24:39 How Tim created Max's personality.

28:19 Communicating with cats.

29:29 Tim reads a tender excerpt from the chapter Baby.

33:20 Link to download Tails From The Park

34:07 How Tim develops conflict for Max.

36:47 Tim reads a danger excerpt from the chapter Black Dog.

39:52 Why Black Dog is one of Tim's favorites.

42:54 Max's angels.

48:57 Feelings about publishing the first book.

51:57 Challenges of creating and publishing a book and the fun of promoting.

54:00 Join the Max Gang to get publishing news from Max.

54:52 How Tim knew he was ready to publish.

Meet Max

_Tails From The Park_

Tim Hammill

Friday, July 10, 2015

Give Your Book a Fighting Chance

Your Novel Is Finished

You've finished your work and are ready to publish. If self-publishing an ebook is your choice be prepared for some detail work. Get ready to tell the world about your book. 

Practical Steps to Self-Publish Without Stress

Self-publishing is a lot of work. If you've read that creating an ebook and publishing only takes minutes, don't believe it. Get ready for some work.

Things to do: 

Enter manuscript into Scrivener.Set up Scrivener formatting.

Save formatting as template - for other books.

Compile until you get it right. Save Compile as a Custom Preset - for other books.

Identify Graphic Designer.Create book cover with Graphic Designer.
Get cover in .jpg and .png files.Get components of cover in  .jpg and .png - for marketing.

Create a hashtag for you as an author.Create a hashtag for the book.

Research appropriate book categories for Kindle Choose two (you can change these later)

Choose seven keywords for Kindle and any promotion you do.

Write author bio in third person.

Write book description.

Select a professional profile image. (Hire a professional photographer.)
Evaluate your advertising budget. Research advertising avenues and choose according to your budget.
Create Canva  account Create website/blog if you don’t have one already.

Create covers for Social Media in Canva using images from Graphics and profile photo.

Create Google+ Business Page to alert the search engines about your book.Link business page to your website/link website to business page (more SEO).

Create twitter account - get ready to interact.

Create Facebook account and any other social media.

Start posting on social media. Use your hashtags.Write frequent blog posts. 
Respond to every comment! You’ll be thanking people a lot.

Choose email autoresponder.

Set up account. Set up email list(s). At least one for news about your book.

Create form to gather emails for your book club/newsletter.

Create thank you email to go automatically to new subscribers. (Enhance with graphics.)

Format template for book club/newsletter. (Enhance with graphics.)

Set a schedule for sending newsletter/book club updates. Follow your schedule, keep in touch.

Keep blogging and posting. Use your hashtags.

Create .mobi file in ScrivenerCreate PDF file in Scrivener
Create Kindle account. Decide on publishing policy & royalty.

Upload book .mobi file and cover image.

Insert your book description.

Choose categories.

List keywords.

Choose to pre-order or publish immediately. If this is your first time, choose pre-order because you’ll be adding details.

Create author page in US, UK, FR, DE & JP.

Insert professional photo and author bio. Link twitter and blog to author page.

Keep blogging and posting. Use your hashtags.

Apply for Search Inside account on Amazon.When approved and account set up upload .PDF file

Gather pre-publishing reviews. Sign-up for Upload .PDF file.
Create new email list in autoresponder for early readers to review book. (Especially if you can’t afford netgallery subscription.) 
Create thank you with attached book file. (Use graphics.)
Post a call for early reviews on blog. Post to social media.

The day before the last day to make changes on Amazon reread your entire book for any formatting, grammar, or spelling errors. Make any necessary changes to the manuscript in Scrivener.

Compile. Upload a replacement file.

Keep blogging and posting.

Your book goes live. Celebrate all the hard work!

 These are basics to getting your book up on Amazon and beginning your marketing. Marketing is part of being a professional author.  Congratulations!

Now start writing the next book.

Zara Altair