Saturday, July 25, 2015

Author Interview

Tim Hammill on Writing Tails From The Park

Author +Tim Hammill talks about writing the voice of Max, the cat with Maxitude.

Writing in the voice of Max, Tim wrote a series of short, entertaining, adventure stories.

0:42 Tim Hammill introduction

1:35 How Max came to Tim to tell his stories.

8:27 How Tim and Zara met over a dark screenplay.

9:12 Smokey, the model for Max, makes a cameo appearance.

10:46 The cultural emotional tie to the music references in the story titles.

12:50 How Tim created adventure stories with a cat.

15:01 Concept behind the short length of the stories: read on lunch break, commuting, etc.

17:12 Mixing real life experience with fictional characters.

18:54 How Tim arrives at the end of each story.

21:05 Mixing real life and other sources to create a story.

22:37 A look at Max's voice and how he tells the story. Every trailer in the park has its own story.

24:39 How Tim created Max's personality.

28:19 Communicating with cats.

29:29 Tim reads a tender excerpt from the chapter Baby.

33:20 Link to download Tails From The Park

34:07 How Tim develops conflict for Max.

36:47 Tim reads a danger excerpt from the chapter Black Dog.

39:52 Why Black Dog is one of Tim's favorites.

42:54 Max's angels.

48:57 Feelings about publishing the first book.

51:57 Challenges of creating and publishing a book and the fun of promoting.

54:00 Join the Max Gang to get publishing news from Max.

54:52 How Tim knew he was ready to publish.

Meet Max

_Tails From The Park_

Tim Hammill

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