Monday, October 31, 2016

Tools you can use

Pronoun is an ebook publishing site for independent authors. Aside from creating an .epub file for your book, Pronoun has a number of useful tools
  • sales reports
  • review reports
  • category picker comparisons
  • cover comparison
  • add previously published books and receive notifications

Convenience Means More Writing Time

Marketing is a major component of an indie author's time. Most of use would prefer to be writing. Any tool that facilitates the marketing side means more time for writing.
Pronoun's  free book formatter is easy to use. If you've ever spent hours on Scrivener or Jutoh trying to get everything to coordinate correctly, the free formatter does all the heavy lifting. 
The category suggestions is a great tool for refining the categories specific to your book. Based on keywords the tool offers several categories.

The cover comparison is my favorite tool. Once you upload your cover image to Pronoun you can visually compare it to other covers in your categories. For each category the tool shows your cover side by side with other covers in the category. You can compare to traditionally published covers in your genre and to independently published covers.
Each time you click more covers the software brings up new covers in the category for comparison. 
  • Does your cover stand out?
  • Does it meet the tropes of your genre/category?
  • Is it cluttered, too dark?
  • Is it cluttered or hard to read?
  • Does it feel like the other covers in your genre so readers know right away without reading one word the feeling they'll get reading your book?
Your cover is your primary, number one marketing tool. It's the first way new readers discover your book with online publishers. This tool will help you visualize how it compare with other covers in your genre/category currently on the market.

Many Ways to Ebook Publishing Knowledge

Here's a complete list of the tools you can use on Pronoun:
Publishing Notifications
Conversion Notifications
Category Suggestions
Top 100 List Notifications
Sales Updates
Review Notifications
Amazon Rank Updates
Account and Product Updates
Trending Books
Onboarding Emails
Book Page Visits

You can add previously published ebooks to your personal library. You'll receive notices like sales and reviews on these books as well.

I have no relationship with Pronoun other than using it. I'm sharing the information because the tools help you keep track of data all in one place.

Zara Altair
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